Libidoforte - 20x5 pack

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20 boxes of 5 capsules each.

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Longer lasting erections for men, more sexual activity, more frequent climaxes for men and women. It’s what you and your partner want, isn’t it?


Libidoforte is a 100% natural food supplement which may lead to much more and longer fun between the sheets. It is based on knowledge of the old traditional Chinese herbal doctors. Centuries ago, the Chinese created herbal drinks that improved the libido. Today we present Libidoforte, a concentrate of these herbs in a capsule.

Libidoforte is intended for people who, for whatever reason, are suffering from decreased sexual performance. This includes stress and fatigue.


Would you like to add an additional dimension to your sex life and have more fun in bed (or somewhere else)? It’s possible! Try Libidoforte!